Monday, November 30, 2020

These days .....

Though I am not that old ...I remember in olden days there was a lot of unity in most of the families .There was this joint families and there was always something special and beautiful in everybody whom I met . Now a days I think it's missing in many families and the likability of people has gone down and people have really changed into something else . I see selfish, egocentric, talkative, influencers ,dominant people more these days .

Many people are getting influenced by social media and bringing up their own rules, their views on lifestyle and relations and priorities . I think that's all fake . Even I look a bit into all the social media platform but never got carried away or I dont seek advice from social media honestly.These days I am seeing many relationships going in wrong directions due to these influencers . But yea it all depends on what you take forward but majority of the people are getting affected . 

Because of this the old systems and what the old people told for generations is getting hit and many are not following it . Though I am moderately modern person I strongly believe in the olden days things and follow many of them too . I think modern is not in the outer space and its within . 

Also, people are ready to exit or maintain a distance with relationships and it really hurts the other person . Always be careful and remeber what they were for you so far before you insult them . 

Especially during this Covid times most of them have become sensitive . Talk carefully .Never hurt someone . Yes read it again ! Never hurt anyone . You never know what they are going through.


No Equality .

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