Monday, March 29, 2021

House cleaning day

 Hello Everybody  !

This is my first post of 2021 . Hope all are doing well so far . 

So few days back I had to call someone from an X company for house cleaning as it was very dusty and we had just arrived home . I paid 1500 for cleaning one room in advance itself as that’s how they work and the work was not done properly . Though I told him that I am not satisfied I also posted a review on their page stating the man was in a hurry to complete the work and would not be getting their service again . 

After 3 days this man can to my home and asked what have you commented ? Because of you I lost my job for 3 days and I couldn’t buy anything for my kids . I honestly felt very bad and said I just posted a one liner comment because I dint like your service . As he said he couldn’t buy anything for his kids I gave him 200 rupees and said whatever u want for your child please buy . He got it and went . Once he got the money he said they suspended for 3 days and from tomorrow I will join back to work.He told me to delete the comment which I dint .  

My thoughts on this incident . 

1 . He should have not come home asking for the review .If the service is not good obviously I would post a comment because I am the customer .  

2 . The company shouldn’t send the employee to ask about situations like this . 

3 . This is absolutely wrong which I know and I would not call them again . 

Why I gave him money ? 

On humanity basis I felt very bad when a man told that he couldn’t buy anything for his child . I told him you are talking about not having a job for 3 days and we have been jobless for months . He never bothered it . 

Anyhow I found better people and would call them next time. 

Though I know somewhere something is wrong I am happy that I helped a man who is in a bad condition than me . That’s all . Whether he was telling a lie or was honest I have done my part . 

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