Monday, January 28, 2019

Whats app

I have an old iPhone 4 with me which has my India what's app . I bought this phone in 2014 when I came to Dubai .I still keep it with me because it's handy and these days finding a handy phone is difficult.

I have another phone too which Naveen bought me on my 30th birthday and it has the dubai what's app .

Recently ,I thought why to have two phones and two what's app .I right away deleted my India one and switched off that phone and kept it in the cupboard . People who has to contact me would contact me anyway .

There is Facebook and instagram and you know I have very less friends so finding me is easy and most of them have my number .

Life seems to be more peaceful with one what's app and less members in it . No more forwards and spams.

Reducing the phone and app usage.

Why this blog ?

I decided to go with this after thinking so many times . A life changing incident would have changed many here, like wise I also changed few things in my life .

For most of my life I was not good with money .I made it and I spent it hence I decided to start this blog on every changes that I did in my life from day to night for a better living for ourselves and our daughter .

The very first thing I learnt is 'spend less than what you earn'.

I guess you guys would support this blog too .

No Equality .

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