Monday, March 29, 2021

House cleaning day

 Hello Everybody  !

This is my first post of 2021 . Hope all are doing well so far . 

So few days back I had to call someone from an X company for house cleaning as it was very dusty and we had just arrived home . I paid 1500 for cleaning one room in advance itself as that’s how they work and the work was not done properly . Though I told him that I am not satisfied I also posted a review on their page stating the man was in a hurry to complete the work and would not be getting their service again . 

After 3 days this man can to my home and asked what have you commented ? Because of you I lost my job for 3 days and I couldn’t buy anything for my kids . I honestly felt very bad and said I just posted a one liner comment because I dint like your service . As he said he couldn’t buy anything for his kids I gave him 200 rupees and said whatever u want for your child please buy . He got it and went . Once he got the money he said they suspended for 3 days and from tomorrow I will join back to work.He told me to delete the comment which I dint .  

My thoughts on this incident . 

1 . He should have not come home asking for the review .If the service is not good obviously I would post a comment because I am the customer .  

2 . The company shouldn’t send the employee to ask about situations like this . 

3 . This is absolutely wrong which I know and I would not call them again . 

Why I gave him money ? 

On humanity basis I felt very bad when a man told that he couldn’t buy anything for his child . I told him you are talking about not having a job for 3 days and we have been jobless for months . He never bothered it . 

Anyhow I found better people and would call them next time. 

Though I know somewhere something is wrong I am happy that I helped a man who is in a bad condition than me . That’s all . Whether he was telling a lie or was honest I have done my part . 


  1. Goodness! If honest comments, like yours, can't be taken in the right spirit, then why have the feedback column at all!
    The company should do something about keeping the privacy and security of people who post feedback.
    You did the right thing by giving him some money. Nice of you to have done that.

    1. In fact I posted as anonymous and I still wonder how he found my house . The company name is urban clap .

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