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No Equality .

 Hi !  Today my daughter came and said they took a group photo in school and all the girls knelt down in one line and boys stood in the back . I felt this very bad . Why can’t boys kneel down and girls stand in the back .  I think this has to be changed .Have you also heard something like this or what do you think about what I am saying ?  I am yet to receive the photograph . But I think this has to changed . They should atleast make everyone sit in a chair and take a picture or find some other equal option . Equality is not there in this world . Very bad .  Post in your thoughts or similar experiences you have faced in this universe . 
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Fooooood !

 Hello ! Been a long time since I posted here . Hope you are well .  I love cooking and everything about food . I make vegetarian recipes and I am clueless on non veg and baking recipes .  Looking into the universal health and situations around how healthy are you eating ? Looking into YouTube videos is also scary for me . I am bit confused on what’s happening with food around  But let me also tell some things that I follow before I ask you all something .  1.I don’t eat any chat items outside such as bhel puri, pani poori samosa etc items  2.Strict NO to noodles , pasta , macroni or any sauces related to it  3. NO to any packed Chips , Cakes , Buns , Creamy Buns etc  4. Have stopped white sugar and instead using brown sugar one spoon a day for coffee . Only 1 coffee per day  5. Maximum Trying to buy farm Milk instead of cans .  Basically we eat a lot of vegetables , lot of fruits and 1 cup of coffee / Any type of tea ( Ginger , Sukku, etc types )  6. We go to hotels only for birthdays

House cleaning day

 Hello Everybody  ! This is my first post of 2021 . Hope all are doing well so far .  So few days back I had to call someone from an X company for house cleaning as it was very dusty and we had just arrived home . I paid 1500 for cleaning one room in advance itself as that’s how they work and the work was not done properly . Though I told him that I am not satisfied I also posted a review on their page stating the man was in a hurry to complete the work and would not be getting their service again .  After 3 days this man can to my home and asked what have you commented ? Because of you I lost my job for 3 days and I couldn’t buy anything for my kids . I honestly felt very bad and said I just posted a one liner comment because I dint like your service . As he said he couldn’t buy anything for his kids I gave him 200 rupees and said whatever u want for your child please buy . He got it and went . Once he got the money he said they suspended for 3 days and from tomorrow I will join back

Dec 9 ♡

Today is our 8th Wedding Anniversary.  Though we know each other for 10 years formally its 8 ;) So on this day I thought of writing what I feel on this journey.  They normally say so and so years of togethersness but I would say its 8 years of fighting and winning each and every piece of moment in life .Than being together most of the time we have been in different places .We have even stayed in Mansions in seperate rooms even after our wedding . We go out on weekends and meet in the staircase with a chai for chit chat and go back to our rooms .We have been colleagues in 2 companies . The club sandwich and tea breaks were the chit chat time .But let me tell you that was the most beautiful time of life . Less money more fun .So even in reality we have lived half of our life like hostel mates or friends or colleagues. This is one of the situation example . If I start writing then it goes on hence stopping here. More than happiness we have seen a lot of problems get into our life all the

These days .....

Though I am not that old ...I remember in olden days there was a lot of unity in most of the families .There was this joint families and there was always something special and beautiful in everybody whom I met . Now a days I think it's missing in many families and the likability of people has gone down and people have really changed into something else . I see selfish, egocentric, talkative, influencers ,dominant people more these days . Many people are getting influenced by social media and bringing up their own rules, their views on lifestyle and relations and priorities . I think that's all fake . Even I look a bit into all the social media platform but never got carried away or I dont seek advice from social media honestly.These days I am seeing many relationships going in wrong directions due to these influencers . But yea it all depends on what you take forward but majority of the people are getting affected .  Because of this the old systems and what the old people told

Get up and walk ...

This might seem rude for many but if you look at it in a good way it will be fine . At many instances when Tungli falls down I have never given too much of attention to her wantedly . I always get too much of comments on this behaviour of mine. People who see her falling tell me why dont you run and pick her up but I dont do it.If I do it I have noticed her crying more and making a scene out of it :) So why this ?  Firstly when she falls down I know whether it's a serious one or just a normal baby fall . If it's a serious one I will definitely look into it .  When she falls down I always tell her oh no Tungli slipped and I tell her to get up and walk . At first I have seen her sitting and crying later it's like she falls down ,tells Tungli slipped ,then she says it's funny and walk off . I think this is the best thing that I have in her . Why i did this ?  I have seen a lot of downfalls than good things in my life . If at all she falls down i want her to get up again an

Never change

This pandemic has hit many people in many ways . Few might look normal but they are not and some look abnormal but they would be happy within .  If at all you can do something good in your life try to call others and check how they are doing . Just saying a hello doesn't take much time . That call would make the other person situations and surroundings better . They will not feel left alone or pressured to all the things happenings around. Everybody are busy in this world but try to make some time to fellow humans . This pandemic is making people weird, selfish,jealous and what not .I am seeing so many people around myself who have changed . Be yourself, and never forget who you are .