Thursday, August 27, 2020

Why She ?

I know that this is a very sensitive topic but after thinking for a long time I decided to write this here . 

I think the society has to change a lot on looking at a woman .Especially after she gets married . Whether the family is concerned or not the society puts the family in a pressurized state to think on having kids soon . People wait for 3 months after the wedding and start bugging .I really dont understand why this prevails and in what way someone having a child helps the society people and why the family members keep bugging the woman just to avoid the talks of the society . Woman are badly treated and hurted for not having a child when the family needs it .

Now you might think If i have a blog i can write anything . NO! 

I have my own experiences and i have seen my family and friends suffering due to this pressure.

But one thing is for sure, though the society kept asking me for 5 years on having a child ,I never had my in laws family question me or us .The society hurted me but my family dint .In that way I am so grateful to my family and god . I definitely know how it hurts .Today I have a daughter and people have started when is the second one .I just dont know why the heck they ask this . I know this is not only to me and every woman is facing this.

Firstly, Woman is the greatest enemy to a woman Its always like that . I dont understand a woman who knows the practical difficulties of getting pregnant and delivering a child asks and hurts other woman around . What does this mean ? 


In my own way if I have to say woman are not ATM machines to insert the card  take the cash and walk off . 

Everything will happen only when it has to .

I sincerely wish people change and let go woman to decide what they need and when . A woman has to know the feelings and pain of other woman .If at all you see a woman like that around you better bless her she is a goddess♡ 

I wish every girl finds a loving husband and an understanding family .

Stay safe people .

Sunday, August 16, 2020

De clutter and find yourself


Decluttering- What a beautiful word it has been . I started de cluttering from 2019 . Before that I was not much into it .This technique and lifestyle has really helped in improving my life quality .

Like things that I have in my house I have also started to Declutter my unwanted relationships in the family ,friends as well as known people . 

Might seem rude but let me tell you its absolute peace . You really have to declutter to know how it feels .

It feels like you have found space

It feels like you have found love

It feels like you have thrown it out 

It feels like you have air supply 

It feels like calm 

It feels like self satisfaction 

It also feels like why I dint do this before itself ? 

Try and let know your views .

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Diamond girl ♡


Sometimes there is nothing much that you can do to hold on to a situation . This quote is one of my most favourite . We might feel we have control over everything but actually we dont have .

I am dedicating this post to one of my dearest one.This girl couldnt control her mis -carriage,couldnt travel to see her loved ones,her husband lost his job and many other financial issues . She is a very strong girl who had to go through depression and anxiety . If at all these situations were controlled she would have been happy and not hurt . I would tell her let it go as it is and go with the flow .You will find a way !!

I wish you all happiness and success in every find and stay safe people . 

Sometimes we have to let go ! 

This girl is a diamond to me ♡

Tuesday, August 11, 2020



How true is this . Most of the strong friendships doesnt need daily conversations. For me it has been that way .

So I just thought of writing about my friendships here . My first fried in life started with enemity.  Yes you read it right . Our family left UAE and went to india in an emergency .As we did not get seat in private schools we were put in government school .Let me tell you that's the best thing that my parents ever did to us . The best friendships and life lessons has been from there . 

So this girl she used to sit in my bench .I dont know why she doesnt like me and I also dont like her .I used to draw a line with the chalk and tell her that your uniform shouldn't touch the line . I never in my lifetime thought that I would write this here or did i think i will ever speak to her in life . 

We all left school then life moved on with college and workplace so and so . I had no clue what happened to her or she dint have a clue on my life .

After 15 years I found her in Facebook .We started talking and I must say that we both ended up being the bestest of friends . She came to see me for the first time when I was pregnant with her two kids . I cried !!!

From then on she knows everything about me and then the real fun begins ! 

We dont regret of not talking to each other during school days or miss it .We are happy that atleast now we made it . Still we do not know how we got along but we did . 

Today if anyone asks me who is your best friend I would say  GEETANJALI ♡ 

I am happy that you are in my life .Especially during my tough times .I wish you always be my friend forever .

 You will ;)

Few days with my SONY

This is one of my favourite camera which Naveen got me 7 years ago . And as this is the first one I owned I have some special love towards this SONY camera though many updated versions are in the market .

Planning to take some photographs and making it into an album .Thinking whether to make it black and white or colourful . We never know what the universe is going to through on us hence I think this album will forever be a greatest memory . 

I am not a professional photographer but I think I can make the best photographs . Once I am done with it I shall post the pictures on my travel instagram page (rightanglephotographs) and in my blog .

I hope I will get the best ones .

Take care all if you. 

This is a random picture which Naveen took for my start of the journey .


No Equality .

 Hi !  Today my daughter came and said they took a group photo in school and all the girls knelt down in one line and boys stood in the back...