Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Dec 9 ♡

Today is our 8th Wedding Anniversary.  Though we know each other for 10 years formally its 8 ;)

So on this day I thought of writing what I feel on this journey. 

They normally say so and so years of togethersness but I would say its 8 years of fighting and winning each and every piece of moment in life .Than being together most of the time we have been in different places .We have even stayed in Mansions in seperate rooms even after our wedding . We go out on weekends and meet in the staircase with a chai for chit chat and go back to our rooms .We have been colleagues in 2 companies . The club sandwich and tea breaks were the chit chat time .But let me tell you that was the most beautiful time of life . Less money more fun .So even in reality we have lived half of our life like hostel mates or friends or colleagues. This is one of the situation example . If I start writing then it goes on hence stopping here.

More than happiness we have seen a lot of problems get into our life all the time but we have stood for each other and got it right back on track . I am so very thankful to the universe for bringing Naveen into my life .The special quality I have seen in him is he supports my whole family at any cost and he has more patience than me. That understanding with patience is a rare thing . I always pray he stays happy ..

So this wedding day was a very simple one . He got me my favourite Plum cake .Naveen got a pair of dress for me and he got 5 pairs ;) Wait .. I am super happy that he really bought something for himself . I told him to buy more actually . He never buys anything for him .He always says you all be happy and I am happy .I made his favourite Aviyal for lunch box . That's how it went and tata bye bye to Office . 

Anyhow like you all I learnt my own lessons during this Covid times and the first thing I learnt is Naveen should be first always and from now on he will be ♡ 

Hoping for many more years of friendship and then the us .Above all I have always been proud and happy that we never faked a single moment in our life . Whatever maybe our journey is right there on the table like a candle .

Love ♡ Food ♡ Sleep ♡ Peace ♡ Patience ♡ 

With love ,

Your friend 

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