Wednesday, February 6, 2019

My plants

Plants ... everybody loves them .That fresh feeling is pure happiness .

Gardening is something that I just love .In my hometown we had a yard at Back of our house . I remember planting tomatoes and chillies there near to the well so that we need not water it daily .
My brother too loves doing the plant work with me . Those were the days when there was no social media and how beautiful it was all . I still visit that house and look at the yard when I go to my hometown . I even went there after tungli was born and took a picture with her .

Living in dubai , a hot place ..Plants are something you can't think of . Yes there are few but it's not easy to grow or find happiness in it . Not like India.

We do not have a balcony in our house. As tungli is there we opted to stay in a house where there is no balcony .Safer side .

I have 3 plants on the window slab and would like to share how I got it. The mani plant I got it from my friend . I tried to buy few pots near my home but I couldn't find a small one hence converted the ice cream box into a pot .

Had a ripened chilli. Just to try I kept it in the pot and luckily it has grown .

Then comes the pudhina .I soaked it's stem in water for 3 to 4 days so that new roots pop in and that too worked out .

Sharing a pic with you all to see my plants .

Do you like gardening ? Have you done something like this?

I hope one day I stay in a house with a backyard and full of greens and colours


Sunday, February 3, 2019

Coffee and me

Everybody who knows me would know that i can have n number of coffees a day . I can have a coffee even during the lunch time or at night before sleep .

Once I reach Chennai the first thing I do after taking my lagguage is having a 4 spoon coffee for 80 bugs. I know it's too much but I do .

Then once I reach home Amma kaapi Afternoon Amma kaapi Evening again Amma kaapi. Atlast my mil says too much kaapi shilpa and there it ends .

I visit mylapore only to have coffee and to buy magnolia champaca .

I have thought of quitting coffee many times because these days when I drink coffee I feel like fainting and I know i am taking too much of caffaine.I tried my best and atlast I decided not to .

Instead I had milk with dates syrup, green tea ,ginger tea made by Naveen or any home made fresh juice .

And the results are amazing ♡

1.I get better sleep
2.My skin feels fresh
3.Feeling good
4.Reduced temper

Not sure whether these applies for all but for me quitting coffee did good .

Have any of you experienced the same or what's your connection with coffee ?

No Equality .

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