Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Get up and walk ...

This might seem rude for many but if you look at it in a good way it will be fine .

At many instances when Tungli falls down I have never given too much of attention to her wantedly . I always get too much of comments on this behaviour of mine. People who see her falling tell me why dont you run and pick her up but I dont do it.If I do it I have noticed her crying more and making a scene out of it :)

So why this ? 

Firstly when she falls down I know whether it's a serious one or just a normal baby fall .

If it's a serious one I will definitely look into it . 

When she falls down I always tell her oh no Tungli slipped and I tell her to get up and walk . At first I have seen her sitting and crying later it's like she falls down ,tells Tungli slipped ,then she says it's funny and walk off .

I think this is the best thing that I have in her .

Why i did this ? 

I have seen a lot of downfalls than good things in my life . If at all she falls down i want her to get up again and walk away . Not sit and cry in the same place and make a scene out of everything that's happening in life . 

Post in what you think on this. 

Monday, October 5, 2020

Never change

This pandemic has hit many people in many ways . Few might look normal but they are not and some look abnormal but they would be happy within . 

If at all you can do something good in your life try to call others and check how they are doing . Just saying a hello doesn't take much time . That call would make the other person situations and surroundings better . They will not feel left alone or pressured to all the things happenings around.

Everybody are busy in this world but try to make some time to fellow humans . This pandemic is making people weird, selfish,jealous and what not .I am seeing so many people around myself who have changed .

Be yourself, and never forget who you are .

Saturday, October 3, 2020

The Mistake

We are all human beings and we all make mistakes. Some mistakes can be corrected and some cant . Depends on what mistake you have done .When a mistake is done we have to accept it ,change it and find a way out and progress in life . 

Some do this .Not all 

I find these days the acceptance level has gone down . People dont accept their mistakes . If you cant accept the mistake then what else can be changed around ? Nothing.  

Acceptance is a great thing . If you have accepted your mistakes you are awesome ♡

My thoughts on the accident

Today afternoon while chit chatting with Tungli and Naveen we heard a loud noise below our flat. As many fire accidents happen here we immediately opened the window and saw a man on the road bleeding from head . A woman driving a car has hit him that's what we understood . Immediately the police and ambulance service did their duties . They did a CPR for him and I have no clue what happened to him .

My thoughts went like this 

Why did he cross a road which is not supposed to be ?

Who is he ? 

He would have been crossing the road after having lunch or might be crossing to go to the restaurant 

Will he be having children back in his hometown ?

Is he too young or old man? ( I couldnt see his face)

Why did he cross the road ? 

Is his family here or in hometown?

Will anybody support his family if anything happens to him 

Did his family ever know this happened to him. Probably he would have happily made a phone call to them sometime back . This would be an unexpected happening to his family 

Like this so many questions .

I kept praying god save him please . How unpredictable life is ....

Sometimes when you see these happenings you will realise tomorrow is never promised 

Be good to yourself and others too ♡ 

I wish he is saved . 

No Equality .

 Hi !  Today my daughter came and said they took a group photo in school and all the girls knelt down in one line and boys stood in the back...