Monday, July 27, 2020

Let go to the universe

I really dont want to talk the other side of anyone . Let me talk the good one . This quote hit my heart today . How true this is . It's always better to tell the good they did to you than the bad . Sometimes we have to let go the bad to the universe and be happy with the good they did to you . Even if it's your enemy never tell the bad on face let it go . Dont worry whether they will realise their wrong or what you can do to them next .Just let it go . Not an easy way but it works .Atleast for me it has . Many at times I have let go people just like that . Some have come back some have not and I dont worry about it.To freely let go a happening  a thought or a conversation is the biggest value in life . Let go and stay in peace.

And I thank all the good that has come into my life and I will be forever thankful to everyone who has taught me or given the little from the best .Let go the bad is a real talent . It is never a failure.  

Friday, July 17, 2020

Plain to colourful

Some situations in  life are like a plain paper
You have to add some emotions and thoughts to it
Add some neon colours and diamonds on the side a little
And bring life to it ♡

When you try it it's a beautiful art . Even if it doesnt come up well still you did some work on the paper and it's not plain .

Think about it ...

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Beauty of everyday

Isn't that true .
One should learn to see the beauty in everything 
There will be something to cherish for sure 
You are never going to fail 
You are a winner atleast for yourself .
See things that way .
Everyday is a learning 
We have to learn to agree it .

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Think the other way

Yes this is my favourite quote .

I do agree many at times in life we think
Why our life alone is like this ?
Why we are going thru this?
Dont others think about me?
Why dont people understand how I would feel ?
Am I not a human, wont I get hurt?
Why people are so selfish and jealous?
Dont they care for me ?
Why they dont like me?
Why they dont talk to me?
Wht they dont tell me everything?

The list goes on ...

Trust me many at times in life I have thought all these questions but the only answer is that's how they are . That's their way and you should find your way to happiness and peace .Thinking about the same thing again and again is of no use Nothing or nobody is going to change.

I have learned it the hard way but I did it very early in my life .

Atleast I am happy that I dont have regrets and I have made many people happy in my life so far .

Ask yourself

Why you dont look at things in a normal way .
Why dont you leave it easier .
Why dont you let it go according to their wish.
Why dont you wait for the good to come to you . 
What are you going to gain by others appreciating you .
What are you going to get by others telling everything to you .
Why would you want to know everything that's happening around you .

List goes on ..

So think the other way and it will make sense and you will be in peace and balance.

Every situation in life will teach you something but you should be ready to accept and implement it forever . In this way the relationships and environment can be balanced . This is what I found .

And another thing :Silence is very powerful in many ways  .The strongest one .

Let me know your views .

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Giving life back

These are the flowers which came out of Tungli frocks  . Thought of making something out of it so probably when she  gets older it would be nice to see the flower that fell out of her frock on the wall .

This is what I ended up with .

I will frame it when I go to India .

Friday, July 3, 2020

Blue wall

This is our India house living room wall at I This house is 31 years old . Most of the memories are attached to this house . It's a small house but still as they say it's not about how big the house is it's about how happy the home is .

So after I got married to Naveen ,I have also got attached to that house and we have done best to accommodate any number of people there ,many functions have happened , as every family has few this and that too . But nevertheless it's a small happy place .

Probably even if we buy another house we are sure that we would not sell it probably instead let it for rent . For sure naveen has his childhood life attached to it and I have my own thoughts for the house .

Out of many of our family members our house is the smallest but I can assure that it has always been open with no jealousy,no judgement,loving people ,good food and a place to sleep .

After tungli was born we decided to paint the house and this is how we designed it .

Isn't that beautiful . Nothing matters actually in life . Only thing that matters is how happy are we and people around us . Everything is beautiful or can be made to if you know to find beauty around your life .

Did you like this wall ? What are your thoughts ?

Wednesday, July 1, 2020


Imagination is everything . Sometimes it might look funny but some things you have to imagine and look forward to it .

Imagining is a positive way of looking the present situation . Somethings yes it's out of way but some can be imagined and we can find happiness .

So, this is me sitting at home and imagining of colouring my hair blue and green .

How is it ?

Yes probably when it's possible to go to the parlour I am going to do this .

No Equality .

 Hi !  Today my daughter came and said they took a group photo in school and all the girls knelt down in one line and boys stood in the back...