Monday, October 5, 2020

Never change

This pandemic has hit many people in many ways . Few might look normal but they are not and some look abnormal but they would be happy within . 

If at all you can do something good in your life try to call others and check how they are doing . Just saying a hello doesn't take much time . That call would make the other person situations and surroundings better . They will not feel left alone or pressured to all the things happenings around.

Everybody are busy in this world but try to make some time to fellow humans . This pandemic is making people weird, selfish,jealous and what not .I am seeing so many people around myself who have changed .

Be yourself, and never forget who you are .


  1. But not everyone appreciates phone calls. I know I don't. It's funny how people are. Some love to talk on the phone while others would prefer a good email (or physical letter).

    1. Yes might be .letters are gone these days. Rarely people do . Email is also gone as far as I see . I wish people wrote letters . Even I like it

  2. I feel the same....

    Have a great day


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