Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Get up and walk ...

This might seem rude for many but if you look at it in a good way it will be fine .

At many instances when Tungli falls down I have never given too much of attention to her wantedly . I always get too much of comments on this behaviour of mine. People who see her falling tell me why dont you run and pick her up but I dont do it.If I do it I have noticed her crying more and making a scene out of it :)

So why this ? 

Firstly when she falls down I know whether it's a serious one or just a normal baby fall .

If it's a serious one I will definitely look into it . 

When she falls down I always tell her oh no Tungli slipped and I tell her to get up and walk . At first I have seen her sitting and crying later it's like she falls down ,tells Tungli slipped ,then she says it's funny and walk off .

I think this is the best thing that I have in her .

Why i did this ? 

I have seen a lot of downfalls than good things in my life . If at all she falls down i want her to get up again and walk away . Not sit and cry in the same place and make a scene out of everything that's happening in life . 

Post in what you think on this. 


  1. I agree. It would create anticipation in kids to look out for someone to lift every time they fall and falling is a natural thing in kids and they would learn to rise if left on their own.

  2. It's very normal for children - when they fall down - to cry when someone looks at them.
    Many reasons for it. One of them, I am told is they inherently feel guilty that they made some mistake and that they might be shouted at for falling down.
    That's why many parents prefer not to give the impression to the kids that they saw them falling down.
    Best way is to smile, and encourage them to get up and move on.
    It's a part of the growing up process and a part of the learning process.


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